My This Article Is Dedicated To All New Bloggers

Introduction Of Blogging

Some Words In The Praise Of Blogger/Blogging :

Blogging Is The Great Platform To Convert Your Feelings , Tech Experiences , Your Skills To Words.You Can Share Your Skills , Special Experiences About Life Or Technology With Newbies,Blogger Is Best Platform For You To Introduce Yourself Between Some'one Who Respect
Your Skills And Work, Blogger Is a Platform By Which You Can Lead And Teach Your Students From All Over The World,Rather You Are Technician,Musician,Philosopher , Businessman , Web Designer Or Anything But Blogging Is The Best Way To Introduce Your Skill To Market Of Whole World.
Start a Blogging In Right Way :

1 ) :  Choose Your Niche Before Starting Blogging , That In Which Field Or What About You Are Going To Post.
2 ) : Select A Title For Your Blog , And Choose Your Blog Address Once  Don't Change It Again  And Again , it will reduce your Reach in Search Engines
3 ) : Select Relevant Better Template About Your Blog  , That Can Express Your Niche In Right Way.
4 ) : Be a Expert In Your Words And Explanation , Because Your Can Impress Your Visitors By Your Knowledge Skills And Words Power.
5 ) : Be a Loyal In Your Work , Write your own Words Don't Copy Paste Articles From Another Sites unless Search Engines Skip/Reject Your Content.
6 ) : Keep Browsing Google And Other Search Engines To Increase Knowledge Related To Your Blogging Work .
7 ) : Keep Posting Your Article Regularly , It is Good Way To Get Connected To Your Visitors .
8 ) : Don't Spam Your Blog By Posting Multiple Articles At Daily Basis, Post Daily Maximum 1 to 2 Articles.
9 ) : Keep Watching Your Visitors Feedback
10 ) : Search Engines Are The Best Way To Learn About Designing , Keep Browsing Google Whenever You Face Any Problem About  Designing
11 ) : Also Learn Some SEO Skills To Get Your Content Highly Ranked In Google And Other Search Engine.
12 ) : Keep Promoting Your Blogger Posts With Friends Via Social Media Sites  Like Facebook,Twitter And Google +  , And Create Pages On Social Median Sites About Your Blog.

My Last Words : There Is No Shortcut In Life , Don't Search Any Shortcut To Be Famous Because It Will Bring You To Against Of  Your Niche ' Not Towards Your Niche.
Your Suggestions Will Be  Useful For Us Like Light In Dark , So Feel Free To Comment Below.
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February 16, 2015 at 1:47 AM ×

Very good and informative article, thanks for this posting..

Humera Khan
January 23, 2016 at 6:09 AM ×

Very informative. In fact all your site is great I learned a lot from it.