Post And Share Animated Gif Images On Facebook

Animated Gif Image At Facebook
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How To Post Animated Gif Images On Facebook ?

1) : Search And Download Your Animated Gif Image From Google
2) : Go To Your Facebook Group Click At Add File And Choose File To Uplaod.Facebook Animated Gif Image
3) : After Upload Gif Image  Right Click Download Button And Copy Link.
Facebook ANimated Gif Images
4) : Paste Link In Note Pad
And Change Link To Below Link
5) : Now Create a Facebook Note Via This Link
And  Give a Title To Facebook Note And Paste Below Code In Notepad
Change URL In Code With Your Desired Image Code And Publish The Note.
After Publishing Note Copy Note Address From Address Bar
My Note Address Is This
And Put Your Note URL In Following Code
6) : After Pasting Your Note URL In Above Code Copy All Above Code And
Paste In Address Bar And Press Enter
Facebook Animated Gif Images

At Last Click At Post To Facebook And You Will See Working Gif ImageOn Your Facebook Timeline And NewsFeed And You Can Share Animated Gif Images In Facebook Groups And At Facebook Page .
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