How To Add META Tags To Blogger (Blogspot) Blogs

What Is Meta Tag ?
Meta Tags Are Great Way For Webmasters To Provide Search Engines Information

About Their Sites,Meta Tags Are Not Magical Solutions But They Will Help Your
To Appear In Search Engine Result Pages.

A Better Way To Add Meta Tags To Blogger

1)  Click Here To Copy All Code And Paste In NotePad For Better Editing

2) Edit Your Page Title,Description,Keywords (Separate Keywords With Commas),
Copyright's Name,Author NameAnd When You Done Editing Meta Tags
Then Open Template  And Edit The Template
3)  Press  Ctrl + F  And Search  For Below Given Code In Template


4) Copy And Paste Your Meta Tags Codes Under  Above Given Code  And Save Your Template
Now You Have Successfully Added META Tags To Your Blog.

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